Marine Services

Marine Agency

AMT possesses the expertise in providing integrated logistics solutions revolving around all shipping activities for all types of vessel or all floating units. AMT manages the administrative and logistics services for the floating unit (cargo vessel, supply boat, tug, barge, rig, FPSO, crew boat) during its stay in national waters (port area or offshore) and international waters. 

  • Port Call (Ship’s Agency): AMT organizes the commercial and technical port call. We execute administrative duties including but not limited to, obtaining Inward and Outward clearances, visit of authorities and settlement of port taxes, and dues relevant to the floating unit. We can also offer a wide range of services for the floating unit: ship chandling services, booking of berths, pilotage and tug assistance arrangement, work permits, shore passes.  
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Shipping Line Management

Including but not limited to billing and collection of freight, demurrage and detention charges, follow up of containers fleet, selling freight on behalf of the shipping line. 

  • Stevedoring: loading, unloading and stowage of cargo on board the vessel.
    • For import, unloading cargo from the floating unit’s hold, or deck, up to under ship’s tackle.
    • For Export: loading cargo from under ship’s tackle up to floating unit’s deck or hold.
  • Shore handling: Handling of the cargo Onshore.
    • For Import: receive cargo quayside and organize its transfer from under ship’s tackle to the storage area in the port/terminal.
    • For Export: organize cargo transfer from the port storage area up to under ship’s tackle. 

Lay-Up Solutions and Handling

We provide sites solutions for the temporary lay-up of a vessel and support the client during this operation

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