End-to-End Logistics

International Freight Forwarding

AMT is specialized in providing solutions that always ensure the comprehensive completion of work supported by AMT Track and Trace tool, to maximise the resource utilization, improve the delivery and reduce the costs: 

  • Air, Sea, Land, Multi-modal / Import, Export, Door to Door
  • Provide end-to-end transportation and logistics services to ensure goods arrive at the right time and at the right place
  • Optimize supply chains for our customers to increase speed and efficiency, and reduce inventory and environmental impact
  • Provide sophisticated supply chain analytics to enable continuous improvement
  • Respond quickly to market demand
  • Enable a circular economy
  • Safeguard assets during transportation
  • Ensure visibility of cargoes throughout their journey
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Customs Clearance

AMT Customs specialists manage all processes related to customs clearance of cargo, vessel and aircraft in accordance with applicable customs regulations in each country:

  • Pre-shipment coordination and overall papework review in accordance with origin / destination, freight rules, to ensure smooth and cost-effective delivery up to requested destination
  • Processing financial and suspensive customs regimes of cargo, vessel and aircraft
  • Accurate estimation of duties and taxes to be paid
  • Payment of taxes on your behalf, when necessary
  • Use of AMT Customs Bond

Field Logistics Services

AMT offers a range of field logistics services – at origin or destination – including, but not limited to local transportation, handling, stock management and space provision services. 

  • Logistics Base Management: Stock management and handling of cargo, according to high standards and your requirements within AMT owned assets or within AMT’s partners assets (quay, yard, warehouses…)
  • Delivery of cargo (product, equipment…) from/to airport/port
  • Storage / inventory management: offload, load cargo and rental of storage area inside yards or warehouses, follow/record the entries and the exits to/from the storage area and monitor the quality and the quantities of the stored cargo
  • Miscellaneous Procurement: source and supply material, equipment, staff, supplies etc