Pink October at AMT Angola (Luanda) – in Portuguese

23 November 2021

As per Company Corporate initiative Program, AMT Angola has locally conducted on 10/21/2021 an activity associated with the fight against Breast Cancer (Pink October). October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to promote awareness about the impact of breast cancer. The aim and objectives are to raise awareness in society, as well as to urge and/ or encourage women in general to seek earlier diagnosis.

During the day, our female colleagues from AMT Angola visited the ?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌ ?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌ ?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌ ?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌?‌. A socializing and fraternity lunch moment was provided at the end of the activities. We are proud to share with you the film, in Portuguese, that was made that day.
The focus being the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer, all participants efficiently carried out the hereunder mentioned activities:
– A visit to the Angolan Cancer Control Institute in Luanda, (the one and only institution directly dealing with the issue in-country). ???????? ????????? ???? ?????? ?????? ???? ????? ????????? ?? ??? ??????? ??? ???? ???????? ?? ???????? ????? ??? ???? ????????? ????????? ??? ??????-??.
– Participants were duly introduced to the Institution’s existing Care Protocol for breast cancer patients – from diagnosis to treatment – by the site medical team.
– Participants were introduced to chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy treatment protocols and recommended preventive measures and mitigation associated with the use and/or handling of equipment due to radioactive risks and presence.
– AMT Angola proceeded with a donation of medical items or accessories, to help ease the possible shortage, to the medical institution in question.
– A socializing moment through lunch was provided to allow direct interaction between participants and the guiding medical team. This, coupled with brilliant interventions from both sides, helped draw a clearer picture of the local challenges associated with the fight against breast cancer nationwide.
Needless to mention that the most relevant misconceptions and socio-cultural barriers or doubts were also raised and cleared in full during that socializing moment.

The high breast cancer mortality rate in Sub-Saharan Africa has been attributed to a lack of public awareness of the disease which often leads to late diagnosis. Little is known about the level of knowledge and awareness of breast cancer in Angola. Previous studies have shown that breast cancer awareness is higher among well-educated people. The goal of this activity was also to assess breast cancer knowledge and awareness among women in Angola.

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