Non classΓ©AMT South Africa – Official procedure for health risk alert on COVID-19 in South Africa

27 July 2021

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PROCEDURE FOR HEALTH RISK ALERT ON COVID-19 IN π’πŽπ”π“π‡ π€π…π‘πˆπ‚π€

AMT South Africa would like to inform our valuable customers about the new regulations received from Port Authority:
Any vessel that wishes to berth in any South African port will need to undergo PCR testing of all crew and return negative results prior to berthing. Rapid testing is nΜ²oΜ²tΜ² permitted.

Modus operandi:
🚒 Vessel arrives at port limits. Doctor or medical staff attend the vessel at anchorage at the respective port by launch boat for PCR testing. Results are available after 24-48 hours.
βš“ Once all results are available, these are to be sent to the respective harbour master of the port where the vessel will berth. Providing all crew are negative the vessel will be allowed to berth.

All associated costs will be for owner’s account.

πŸ“§ For more information, please contact:Β

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